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Destinations e-Sales Management

Design your destination's and its business network e-sales and e-marketing strategies. The staff of RevMakers, with 11+years of know-how concerning the e-sales sector, can easily and effectively recognize the needs and occasions, so that you can achieve a revenue increase to all the related to your project companies.

We can handle your e-sales and e-marketing with:

  • full analysis of your project
  • exploring the market’s opportunities globally
  • managing the email correspondence
  • e-Sales and e-Marketing plan
  • creating a Special Rates Policy for travel agents, corporate clients and 3rd parties
  • creating or maintaining the website of your project
  • managing the social media presence of your project
  • administration, maintenance and development of the IBE (Internet Booking Engine) data of your project.
  • reporting statistical data for all the media we will be managing and suggestions for possible sales increase.
  • sales advice for all departments and tools suggestions for the increase of the in-house sales.
  • reputation management on review sites for your destination
  • contests and campaigns for more traffic to your site and for massive exposure
  • consulting for cooperations requests, website listings etc (worth it or not)
  • cooperators we use to achieve our goals...your targets !